St Stephen’s Connect Groups

If you would like to join a Connect Group please contact us.

At St Stephen’s we want to see people come to be disciples of Jesus Christ. One important way of doing this is through small group fellowship we call Connect Groups. In Connect Groups we read the Bible together, learn and apply truths from the Bible, pray for one another, and encourage our witness to Jesus and our growth as his disciples. 

Our Connect Groups meet together regularly on different days of the week. Some meet on the church campus and others meet in various homes. A variety of resources are used from Bible study guide books, Christian literature, to DVD or online presentations.

As one member expressed ‘Although I have been a Christian for many years, before I came to St Stephen’s I had never been in a Connect/small group. When I was asked to join one I was a bit wary but soon learned the value of meeting in a small community with whom I could share my needs, have people pray for me and discuss the Bible.’ Those in groups would agree that being in a group is vital to the growth of their faith.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, how much you know about the Bible, or if you are a newcomer to our church or a visitor, there is a Connect Group that will welcome you.