St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

7 April 2019

After a short hiatus where nothing much seemed to be happening, the hall has seen a mini flurry of activity again this week.

Most visibly, the aluminium slat fencing has been (mostly) installed to the perimeter of the courtyard and I think you’ll agree, looks fantastic!

The builder has revisited the site with various subcontractors to address various construction ‘defects’ that have been identified by our consultants, staff and parishioners. These repairs and touch-up will continue inside and outside the building over the coming weeks.

Thanks also to Peter Waddington, Frank Kelly, Geoff Macknish and Warren Young for efforts this week in preparation of our move into the hall including installation of storage shelving and new feet onto plastic chairs.

New fencing installed at Cavendish Road wall and next to the bell tower.