St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

23 September 2018

Hall and Forecourt Project update

It is exciting watching successive trades people coming to the church property to complete their respective jobs, each contributing an incomplete part of the work that is required (a metaphor for the Body of Christ in 1 Corinthians 12 perhaps?). We have been particularly impressed by the care and diligence of those trades people whom we have interacted with and their desire to deliver their best through their practical skills.

Works undertaken this week by builder:

Waterproofing and backfill to northern retaining walls; AV rough-in; plumbing rough-in ongoing; excavation for retaining wall at front of hall.

Works undertaken this week by St Stephens and Hall Committee:

Coordination of AV installation; review shade sail designs and paver selections; review of hot water and utilities requirements; reporting to PC.

Coming up this week:

Commence construction retaining wall footing at front of hall; commence door cavity installation, wall linings and floor underlay; commence installation of fence posts along northern retaining wall.