During the week starting Oct 10 through to Oct 17, St Stephen’s Anglican church will be attempting the construction of a giant knot rug!

What is a knotted rug? 

A “Knot Rug”, “Rag Rug” or “Toothbrush Rag Rug” is a DIY rug made from recycled textiles found around the home. It is constructed using a hand-knotting technique like crochet. 

It originated in America in the Amish communities. It was called a toothbrush rug because they used old wooden toothbrushes with the brush part removed. The toothbrushes came with a hole on the other end which they used to thread the strips of cloth through to construct the rug. 

Why make the rug? 

This rug is about pondering our response to the world pandemic, environmental issues and the next generation and how best to respond from a Christian faith perspective. 

How can we respond as Jesus would to the many questions we have about these issues. 

When I create it helps me to take time out to contemplate and meditate on such issues. 

With each new stitch added to our “What Next?” rug, we can present our prayers and petitions to Jesus and ask Him how we can best respond to these issues. 

It is also an opportunity to spend time with each other as we work on the project together. 

What is the rug made from? 

Up-cycled T-shirts cut into yarn. 

Can I bring my own t-shirt along to contribute to the process? 

Yes please! Make sure it’s clean! 

When can I participate and where?

Dates and Times 

Sunday,  Oct 10 3:30 – 5:30 pm 

Tuesday, Oct 12 3:30 to 5:30 pm 

Wednesday, Oct 13 10 to 1 pm 

Thursday, Oct 14 7 – 9 pm 

Friday, Oct 15 7 – 9 pm 

Saturday, Oct 16 10 am to 4 pm 

The project will happen at St Stephen’s in the hall and church auditorium

What can I expect when I come along to participate? 

You will be shown the knotted rug method and have the opportunity to add to the diameter of the project. 

We will show you how to cut a T-shirt into yarn.

We can also show you how to start your own starter rug so you can make your own knotted rug at home. 

What will the rug be used for upon completion? 

Once the rug reaches a substantial size the St Stephen’s church community intend to use the rug for circle time with our next generation. A place to gather and hear stories from the Bible and learn about Jesus. 

Who can participate? 

Anyone and everyone! You can even just come along to have a look. 

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available. 

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