Site Master Plan

Buildings and Property Master Plan

The Parish Council has appointed Fulton Trotter Architects to co-develop a buildings and property Master Plan for the church site.

The Master Plan Committee has met with our architects and representatives from Diocesan Property to consolidate the feedback received at the design workshops and to update and refine preferred options.

Over the next two Sundays (5th and 12th June) we will have available a short list of 3 possible future redevelopment master plan options (below) that each seek to address current needs, provide a high-level framework for future growth and ministry, and examine opportunities for financial stability for the parish.

Please take the time to carefully review and provide your honest feedback as to preferred options, as well as what you like or don’t like about each.

Feedback link HERE

Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

Please feel to reach out to one of the members of the Committee or Parish Council should you have additional questions, concerns or ideas.

Master Planning Committee members are currently: Graeme Smyth and Steve Hunwicks as co-chairs; Peter Waddington, Joycelyn Young, Sarah Pfeffer and Ben Weaver.

Graeme Smyth and Steve Hunwicks on behalf of the Master Planning Committee and Parish Council.