Everyone is welcome to any of our services, this one is just a bit more chaotic as we have quite a few families with children who attend. Normally the Kids stay in for the initial bracket of worship as we believe that love for God and passion for His name is something that is more caught rather than taught. There is nothing more exciting for kids and adults than worship God together.

During School Holidays the service will run as usual with activities that the kids can do while they stay in the service with their parents. We firmly believe that whilst kids will learn stacks within their own program, they learn even more through modelling of their parents. For this reason we encourage children to stay in the service throughout the school holidays as they learn more by observing how their parents interact with the community of God’s family and the church setting. Don’t be too worried if your child makes some noise, we’re not and we don’t think God really cares if there is a bit of noise in church.


  • Kid Friendly Room is available to the left of the foyer for those parents who still want to take part in the service but might find it a bit difficult to remain within the gathering with a child. This room is air-conditioned and is linked into the PA system so you won’t miss out on any part of the service.
  • Audio Loop is available in the front left 8 rows for those with hearing aids.
  • Our building is Wheelchair Accessible with an accessible bathroom located in the hall next to the main church building
  • Air Conditioning ensures that our auditorium is cool in Summer and warm in Winter.