You may like to contact us about having one of your special family occasions at St Stephen’s. We offer Baptisms, Naming Services and Weddings at our church.


The Anglican Church of Australia baptises adults on profession of faith in Christ, children who are able to make a profession for themselves, and infant children who are sponsored by people of faith in Christ. The Baptism Service involves the exchange of promises or vows between God and the candidate, sealed then with a ceremonial washing with water and accompanied by prayer.

If you are interested in Baptism, you will need to come to the 9:30am service and ask to be introduced to the minister. The minister will then give you some information and arrange for a time to come and talk with you. At St Stephen’s Coorparoo we believe that Baptism is a very significant step in someone’s life. Over the years baptism has become a family tradition or just something that you do to get into the right school or because that is the “right” thing to do.

Baptism is a faith relationship between God and His people. When we come to baptize children, we are making promises to God and to one another that we love Jesus as the centre of our lives, we love His church and we promise that we will bring up our children within the ways of God and within the community of God’s people.

Because of the seriousness of the promises that people make we believe that people should take time to think, reflect and examine why they are searching for baptism. For this reason we ask that parents wanting their children to be baptised attend preparation classes and to be a regular attender at one of our Sunday Service as they prepare to make these promises.

The 8 week course is Christianity Explored.

Weddings and marriage

At St Stephen’s Coorparoo, we would love to talk to you about arranging a Christian wedding ceremony and help you understand what a Christian marriage is all about through our Prepare | Enrich course.

We offer a church that can host up to 350 people and our team can assist with the set up of the church and provide an organist or musicians, if required.

You need to contact the office and make an appointment to talk to the minister. He will talk to you about the marriage preparation course Prepare | Enrich which we require you to participate in. He will also confirm with you the date and time.

A letter will be sent to you to confirm the booking and details.

The Intended for Marriage Form needs to be completed and given to the minister 1 month and 1 day before the wedding day, otherwise you need to go to court to get permission to be married.

Please contact our office to make arrangements and book your preferred day.