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St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

19 May 2019

It is with tremendous relief that we finally received our Certificate of Classification from the building certifier on Friday last week. This important document gives formal notice that the builders works have satisfied the required safety, fire, accessibility and energy efficiency standards required under the National Construction Code.

On this basis, we have begun to make use of the hall for church groups, with homework club (see photo), kids club/Fusion, youth group and Sunday Kids Program needing no encouragement to dive straight in!  If you have plans for your group, bible study, etc the facility is open for business – please contact the office for availability. We are preparing an “information pack” including hire costs for people wanting to use it for non-St Stephen’s church groups e.g. other Christian organisations, birthday parties etc.

With this milestone, we (mostly) complete the work of the hall committee. Thank you to Marlene, Juliet, Kate, Cheryl, Jin and Peter for your enthusiasm and dedication to the project and for your friendship over the last 2.5 years and to our families and spouses for their incredible unending patience.

Please take the opportunity to take a look around and see the opportunities for new, and re-newed, ministry.  I particularly recommend a visit to the wonderful historical photo display that Beth Woolard has compiled.  This display celebrates the distant and nearer past of God’s work here in Coorparoo and especially through the Hall – I can’t wait to see what He’ll do here for the next chapter!

* shade sail coming soon!

PS – we will advise a date in the near future for a re-scheduled Opening Celebration. Watch this space!