Painting inside the Hall

St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

27 Jan 2019

Building work for the Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment has continued at breakneck speed over the New Years period with some contractors even completing isolated jobs between Christmas and New Year.

Looking through the builders fences, you will see a number of areas looking close to finished – indeed the builder is anticipating that most work will be complete within the next 2 to 3 weeks! Unfortunately, there is a likely a slight delay in the manufacture of the courtyard shade sail structure which may not be resolved until after the areas are ‘handed over’ for our use.

Please continue to pray for the project and the new ministry and community engagement opportunities afforded.

Works undertaken by the builder since Christmas:

Bi-fold door and window installation complete; electrical switch board & meter upgrade compete; upgrade electrical supply cable from street; capping applied to stone wall; plumbing installation for coffee machine, water boiler & wash down sink; grey concrete to ramps, NE stairs & under bell tower; coloured concrete path to front of church & across courtyard; oven installation; new drainage installed under kids zone play area; internal painting (ongoing); external lead paint removal commenced.

Coming up this week:

Lead paint removal complete & timber primer applied to external walls; coloured concrete pathway at front of church & stairs to courtyard; manufacture handrails; internal painting generally complete; commence electrical fitoff (lights, wall sockets and A/V); finish tiled skirting around toilets; toilet partition installation.

Chemical stripper being used to remove lead-based paint
Chemical stripper being used to remove lead-based paint