St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

11 November 2018

Hall and Forecourt Project update

What a week with incredible progress being made in multiple areas! Wednesday was a particularly busy day with 6 different trades on site working in different areas all at the same time. It is such an exciting time to see some of the final finishes emerging.

Works undertaken this week by builder

Block corefill walls for stairs and ramp; waterproof to retaining walls; termite treatment at the front of the hall; tiles laid in amenities; face bricks laid to courtyard walls; water main diverted; new amenities connected to sewer; second fix carpentry; install ventilation to amenities; temporary diversion to church power supply; delivery of first elements of kitchen cabinets.

Works undertaken this week by St Stephens and Hall Committee

Review of heritage colour extents with Brisbane Council; assist review and update of fire evacuation plans with QFES meeting with builder

Coming up this week

Tiling and courtyard brickwork ongoing; in-ground plumbing on north side of hall; backfill final levels to courtyard; commence concrete seats in courtyard; commence concrete slabs to courtyard.