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St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

21 October 2018

Hall and Forecourt Project Update

The rain this week has slowed progress somewhat on site so instead of the regular progress report, we thought it worthwhile addressing a couple other issues that are of interest to the church community.

Kids Zone

Demolition work upstairs in the hall has had more of an impact to the Kids Zone than had been anticipated dislodging years of dust and grime from the ceiling over some of the furniture, toys and other equipment that had been left uncovered in that space. Gross!

Fortunately, Juliet, Melissa Miller and Little Lambs organisers had already planned to not be using the internal space during the construction period (wise women!).

Recent limited demolition inside the Kids Zone (incl a small area of bonded asbestos wall panels by licenced contractors) have left many with lingering doubts as to whether the general dust might be concealing rogue asbestos fibres.

Whilst we have no immediate concerns that anyone in the church is or could be exposed to a risk of exposure to loose asbestos from the demolition process, the Parish Council have resolved this week to address the concerns raised by:

  • Wet cleaning and disinfecting items that can be satisfactorily addressed in this manner;
  • Disposing of soft furnishings (cushions, rugs, dress ups etc) and other items where these are identified to be a concern to dust exposure. Replacements (either donated or new) will be procured later in the year. Watch this space if you think you might have contributions to donate for this purpose;
  • Professionally cleaning floors, walls, windows, cupboards and other surfaces prior to recommencing activities in the Kids Zone. This will likely be in early December.

Opening celebration

The Hall Committee have commenced planning for an opening celebration for the hall and forecourt – thanks to Juliet Briner and Kate Crouch for heading up the efforts for this task. This event will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate God’s generosity and goodness to us and also to re-connect with local community and past members of the Parish. If you know of people, especially past members of St Stephen’s, we’d love to hear from you to include them in our invitation list.

Please speak to Kate Crouch or contact the office during the week.