St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

30 September 2018

Hall and Forecourt Project update

If there is a word to characterise the last two weeks of the project, it is “change!” There has been a virtual avalanche of issues arising, big and small, that have needed quick assessment and agreement as to suitable alternative details or selections. We are most thankful for those in the Committee, office and others who have provided support and advice during the process.

Works undertaken this week by builder:

Excavation and lay reinforcing for retaining wall footing at front of hall; complete excavation for northern retaining wall; commence floor underlay; install door cavities; plumbing rough-in complete; site measure for windows and shop drawings for manufacture; removal of gas meter and terminate supply; limited removal of additional asbestos panels in Kids Zone.

Works undertaken this week by St Stephens and Hall Committee:

Reporting to Parish Council; research and select alternative hot water systems; meetings with builder, architect and gas supply company.

Coming up this week:

Complete northern retaining wall; construct footing and retaining wall in front of hall; complete underlay to tile and vinyl areas; complete joinery shop drawings for manufacture; excavation of Kids Zone play area to repair drainage.