St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

16 September 2018

A common expression that is used to describe the permanence of something is that it is (or isn’t) “set in concrete”. This week, we have seen our builder begin to fill the new northern boundary retaining walls with concrete – there is no turning back!

Works undertaken this week by builder:

Offsite fabrication of joinery, windows and electrical switchboard (ongoing); northern retaining wall construction and concrete filling; finalise window and door framing; plumbing rough-in commencing including partial demolition of ceiling in Kids Zone; shade sail design.

Works undertaken this week by St Stephens and Hall Committee:

Review shade sail designs and paver selections; meetings with architect, builder, Brisbane Council Heritage Unit and AV installer; reporting to PC.

Coming up next week:

Waterproofing and backfill to northern retaining walls; complete plumbing rough-in; install door cavities; commence installation of fence posts along northern retaining wall.