St Stephen’s Hall and Forecourt Redevelopment Project

9 September 2018

Weekly Update:

The inside of the hall is rapidly transforming into it’s new configuration! Cheryl joined Graeme for a brief walk through the hall on Wednesday and it was all smiles!

Works undertaken this week by builder:

Continue internal wall framing modifications for kitchen, toilets and meeting rooms; electrical and plumbing services rough-in; retaining wall foundations and blockwork construction on northern boundary; window removal (heritage windows retained for reuse); framing for door and window openings; offsite fabrication of joinery, doors, windows and electrical switchboard ongoing.

Works undertaken this week by St Stephens and Hall Committee:

Review and adjust kitchen layout and appliance selections based on consultant and certifier feedback; review of internal finishes; brick and paver selections for courtyard.

Coming up this week:

Offsite fabrication of joinery, windows and electrical switchboard ongoing; retaining wall construction; commence re-lining walls; ongoing services rough-in; floor underlay for carpet, vinyl and tiles; planning for audio/visual installation.